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Popcorn time!! Rock on!

Hello Pack 184 Scouts & Families, 

It is once again time to sell Trails End popcorn! This year Wolfgang chocolates have joined in on the fun. You son may have received a selling packet in the mail and might have already started selling. If so, that's great! If not, no worries! 

Attached you will find my popcorn information paper with lots of information. 

Most of the Bears and Webelos I's received selling information and order forms from me last night. The Webelos II's will receive order forms from me at your first den meeting on Wed. 9/17. 

If you missed the Bears meeting, Mrs. Zeyak will have your order forms. If you missed the Webelos I meeting, I will have your order forms at our next den meeting at Stoner Park on Mon. 9/15 at 6:30. If you're in any of the dens and you want order forms ASAP, send me an email and I'll put your order form on our front porch for you to pick up. 

If you have any questions, please send them my way. I'm currently waiting for a reply for the following excellent questions: 
  • What percentage of Wolfgang sales goes back to Cub Scouts? 
  • Do the Wolfgang sales count toward the incentives (prizes)? 
  • Is 70% of regular popcorn sales tax deductible? (Since 70% of the cost of popcorn goes back to Cub Scouting.) 
That's all for now. 

Your Popcorn Kernel, 
Mrs. Nguyen
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Cub-O-Rama 2014

Save the Date!

October 17-19th

Cub-O-Rama camp trip
Camp Mack
$15/person includes Sat meals and Sunday Breakfast

Sign up deadline and payment, Sept 29th at the Pack meeting/Rain Gutter Regatta

More info at pack184.blogspot.com
 also at:


Pack Meeting and Rain Gutter Regatta 9/29

Attention Pack!!
Rain Gutter Regatta and New Scout Round up!
Where:  Discovery Playground within Overlook Park
When:  Sept. 29th.  Monday. 6pm-8pm
Events:  6pm:  Welcome and Introduction of new dens and scouts.
              6:15:  Rain Gutter Regatta races
              Following Rain Gutter Regatta, free play at playground and information for parents
              Snacks provided by each den, please contact your den leader for snack/drink ideas.
              Webelos will start campfire in fire ring
              Skits and songs by dens as time/weather permits at the campfire
              End with roasting S'mores on the fire.  PLEASE BRING A STICK(keep in your car until S'more time).

Additional info at the meeting:
Deadline to sign up for Cub-o-Rama.  $15/person (child or adult)  Please have check made out to "Pack 184."
Cub-O-Rama is October 17-19th.  You can come Fri-Sun, Sat-Sun, or just Sat.  It is still $15/person and covers all 3 meals on Sat.
See this link for more details.  http://www.harvestdistrict.org/activity/pdf/cuborama2014.pdf
Must bring your own tent and sleeping equipment

Check with your den leader if you do NOT have a boat to race.

Popcorn Sales

Dear Pack,
    Time to sell popcorn!  We will sell the corn over 2 selling sessions and this year also allow sale of pre-purchased popcorn outside some local businesses.
Sale of the popcorn adds money to your scout account which can be used to help cover dues or scout camp!
Details will be provided by our "Popcorn Kernal", Vicky Nguyen, at your Den meeting this month.
Fell free to contact her via email at cubpack184@gmail.com with any questions.


Cub-O-Rama 2014 Oct 17-19

Put it on your calendars now!!

2014 Cuborama


October 17-19, 2014 
Cost $15/person.  Includes meals on Sat. and Breakfast Sunday.

Will be earning Cub Scout Computers Belt Loop,

Will be earning Cub Scout Communicating Belt Loop & Pin. 

Webelos will earn Communicator Activity Badge.

Must also preform a Skit at Campfire. 

This a great opportunity for Webelos to earn another activity Badge!

more details at:  http://www.harvestdistrict.org/activity/pdf/cuborama2014.pdf

We will need to register as a Pack.  
Sign up forms will be at available at the Sept 29th Pack Meeting.


Pack 184 Pool Party Monday Aug 18th!

Let's get together and celebrate the end of a nice summer!
I know it rained a lot at Webelos Camp, but hopefully we will have wonderful weather for swimming!
Where:  Overlook Pool
When: Monday Aug 18th, 5pm - 8pm
Why:  Summer is almost over! :(
Cost:  Free if members of Overlook Pool, otherwise $6 with ID showing MT address.  Some members also have free guest passes to burn before the pool closes, so possibly could be free if not a member.  Bring some $ for food/drink.

Webelos:  This is an opportunity to also knock out some of the Aquanaut Badge with your adult leaders.

Please RSVP to Sue Beck, just so we have a general idea of who is coming.  Click the link!

Late notice: Camp and Cave @ Indian Echos

We received and invitation from Pack 150 to camp with them at Indian Echo Caverns Friday Aug 22nd and then tour the cave the next morning.
Scouts would be the only ones camping on their grounds.
RSVP deadline is Aug 15th - they need some more campers to make it a go so if interested follow the link and sign up.
Sue Beck can also help with contacting their troop, but they have a handy online sign up form.