A proud member of the Harvest District of the Pennsylvania Dutch Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Chartered since March 1958; Located in Manheim Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


Pinewood location

Here is a link to the location of the Pinewood Derby.  St. James Catholic Church Lititz PA
See you Sat!  9am if you can help set up, but at least at 11am for car registration.
Google Map to Pinewood location

Pinewood Derby Rule reminder

Just a reminder.  One of the Pinewood Derby rules is that all 4 wheels need to touch the track.  It is not allowed to intentionally set your wheels up so that only 3 of the 4 wheels are touching.
Some Pinewood Derby websites recommend trying to do this, but it is not in fair play as there is 25% less friction.  Now the placement of the axels and wheels is not perfect but if the inspector notices a wheel is consistently not touching the ground you will be asked to fix it prior to the race.
Please do your best, we do not want unhappy scouts with a disqualified car.


Blue and Gold reservations due Monday 2/23 at Pack Meeting!

Quick reminder the Blue and Gold reservations and payments are due this coming Monday at the Pack Meeting.  The Pack needs to pay and confirm the number in attendance that same week.  If you have a form, please bring it with a check made out to "Pack 184"
You may also bring them to the Sunday skate party if you will not be able to attend the Monday meeting.
If you need a form, please click the link below.  Thanks!  Phil Billoni
Click here to download the Blue and Gold form


Pack Meeting 2/23 Bring Pinewood Car at 6:30

Due to the cancelled January Pack Meeting, we will be meeting as a Pack the end of the month on Monday 2/23 at St. Stephens.
Bring your pinewood derby car for pre-inspection and weigh in, to make sure your car passes the evaluation and will be able to compete the following Saturday.
630*-7pm Pinewood Derby inspection and weight check.  *note the time
7pm - Turn in Blue and Gold reservation forms and payment.  Assemble Jared Boxes as a service project for Children admitted to Hershey Med for cancer related diagnoses.
Wolf Den opening Ceremony
7:15 - 7:35 approx - Den Advancements
7:35-8pm  Multiple important announcements to include:
8pm Wolf Den closing Ceremony

1.  Information and options for Cub Summer Camp, timeframe for sign up
2.  Need for Adult to Volunteer as CubMaster as Doug will be leaving after Blue and Gold.  The Pack committee does the planning for all the Pack meetings and Pack events, so that does not all fall on the CubMaster.  We need the CubMaster to lead the Pack meeting, interact with the Scouts, and be the face of the Pack.  Someone needs to do it, why not YOU?
3.  Update on Pinewood Derby plans for 2/28.
4.  Sub Sale info, opportunity to raise money for scout camp.


Pack Meeting Monday 1/26

Reminder Pack meeting this Monday.
The Wolf Den will be leading the meeting.  Go Wolves!!
Following advancement we will assemble "Jared Boxes" which are gift boxes that we will send to children admitted at Hershey Medical Center Cancer Center.
Your Den leader should have contacted you about bringing something to contribute to the Jared Boxes, if you have not heard please contact your Den leader to find out how you can help.
We also will review two fund raising opportunities.  These will help the pack keep dues low for next year as well as help us contribute to other community service projects this spring.
The first is the "Salt and Pepper fund raiser night"  Click here for more details.

The second will be a sub sale through Clyde Weaver.  We will sell sub tickets which can be redeemed at anytime at a Clyde Weaver for a fresh made sub.  We will have a 2 week window to sell the tickets.

For each $6 ticket sold the scout will have $2.00 added to their scout account to be used for dues or camp and the Pack will receive 50 cents which we will use for community service projects or other Pack expenses.

All unsold tickets must be returned to the Pack at the end of the 2 weeks.
At this Monday's Pack meeting we will have  a sign up station where you can tell us your sales goal (how many tickets you plan to sell) which will help us determine how many tickets to have made by Clyde Weaver for us.

So look for the Sub Sale sign up and think about how many tickets you plan to sell.

Thanks for your support!
Pack 184 Committee


Pack 184 Fund Raising Night!

Please download and print off copies of this fund raising form.
Wed Jan 28th, anyone who brings in this form and pays in cash to Salt and Pepper will help the Pack in fund raising.  We will receive 10% off all proceeds of meals purchased using the form.
It is an early dismissal day so plan on getting take out for lunch or dinner.  Please download the PDF and email to friends and print out and hand out to neighbors.
We will use this money to help our community service projects and to help cover Blue and Gold and keep our dues low for next year.
The Pack 184 Committee
Click for the form