A proud member of the Harvest District of the Pennsylvania Dutch Council of the Boy Scouts of America. Chartered since March 1958; Located in Manheim Township, Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.


Pack Meeting Monday 1/26

Reminder Pack meeting this Monday.
The Wolf Den will be leading the meeting.  Go Wolves!!
Following advancement we will assemble "Jared Boxes" which are gift boxes that we will send to children admitted at Hershey Medical Center Cancer Center.
Your Den leader should have contacted you about bringing something to contribute to the Jared Boxes, if you have not heard please contact your Den leader to find out how you can help.
We also will review two fund raising opportunities.  These will help the pack keep dues low for next year as well as help us contribute to other community service projects this spring.
The first is the "Salt and Pepper fund raiser night"  Click here for more details.

The second will be a sub sale through Clyde Weaver.  We will sell sub tickets which can be redeemed at anytime at a Clyde Weaver for a fresh made sub.  We will have a 2 week window to sell the tickets.

For each $6 ticket sold the scout will have $2.00 added to their scout account to be used for dues or camp and the Pack will receive 50 cents which we will use for community service projects or other Pack expenses.

All unsold tickets must be returned to the Pack at the end of the 2 weeks.
At this Monday's Pack meeting we will have  a sign up station where you can tell us your sales goal (how many tickets you plan to sell) which will help us determine how many tickets to have made by Clyde Weaver for us.

So look for the Sub Sale sign up and think about how many tickets you plan to sell.

Thanks for your support!
Pack 184 Committee


Pack 184 Fund Raising Night!

Please download and print off copies of this fund raising form.
Wed Jan 28th, anyone who brings in this form and pays in cash to Salt and Pepper will help the Pack in fund raising.  We will receive 10% off all proceeds of meals purchased using the form.
It is an early dismissal day so plan on getting take out for lunch or dinner.  Please download the PDF and email to friends and print out and hand out to neighbors.
We will use this money to help our community service projects and to help cover Blue and Gold and keep our dues low for next year.
The Pack 184 Committee
Click for the form


Dens to choose time slots for Pinewood Derby Woodworking.

The below message is from Wes Carr, our Pinewood Chairman.  Dens will be choosing time slots to attend woodworking.  (If you are unable to attend, you can still cut your car by hand if need be so do not stress.  The key to a fast car is attention to the axels and most important get your car as close to the max weight allowed--5 Oz.  Plan on adding 2-3 Oz of weight to get there.  Use of accurate scale recommended.)  Please coordinate with your dens. - Phil

Hello!  We have four time slots to work on the PW derby cars at Cedar Woodworking, who has generously allowed us to use their woodworking equipment.  We would like you, the den leaders, to select which session your den will attend.  Since we have 5 dens, we would like to combine Tigers and Bears, so it would be helpful if Cindy and the Garlands could discuss between yourselves what works best for you.  

When you contact your den to let them know what session they are to attend, please take a head count of who plans to attend.  That way if your designated time doesn’t work for a scout, they can perhaps fit into another session if there is room.  They can accommodate 12 scouts maximum at each session.  The Saturday time slots are longer and may be more flexible.  

Also please ask the scouts to sketch out the cut that they want on the side of the car.  If a scout is unable to attend any session, they may be able to send their block marked with the desired cut and we can have it cut for them if they want.  

Saturday 1/17 8:30AM-10:00AM
Saturday 1/17 10:00AM-11:30AM
Wednesday 1/21 6:00PM-7:00PM
Wednesday 1/21 7:00-8:00PM
Note, Cedar Woodworking is located at 630 West Fulton Street in Lancaster.  You may wish to carpool with your den; however ample off-street parking will be available at a nearby church.  Several adults should be present to help corral the boys and to assist with the equipment, but not all parents are needed. 

Thanks!  Wes Carr

# Scouts
Webelos I
Webelos II


Missing a jacket? and other things

Mike Rimer has a lost jacket left at the pack meeting.  Please contact him to claim it, just click his name to send an email.

Big shout out to Cindy Zeyak for a great December pack meeting!  Contact her if you are missing an ornament, she picked up a few at the end of the night.

We will send out by email more info about our 2 charity fund raisers.  We will be working to help defray some of the cost of Father Currier's medical bills that his family is struggling with in addition to raising money toward Pack 184 Jared Boxes which provide fun things for kids with cancer that have to stay at Hershey Med.  I think you can feel proud about both of these causes.
Stay tuned!  Den leaders, please make sure your den is signed up to receive these emails from the blog.


Pack Meeting Monday

We will be painting Christmas ornaments, so if you are concerned about paint feel free to bring an old shirt to wear for that portion of the meeting.


Christmas Pack Meeting!

We have a lot of fun activities planned for Monday!
Great meeting planned by the Bear Den
Sing Christmas carols with guitar backup
Jokes by Webelos 1 den
Pick up Pinewood Derby car kits!!!!
Every family please bring 6-12 cookies to share.  Not really a cookie exchange, rather share and eat cookies together.
Decorate your own Christmas Ornament.  Supplies provided by the Pack!
See you Monday 7pm.  Merry Christmas!!!!


Hershey Bears and Sleepover

Reserve your tickets NOW!  They sell out quickly.
Deadline to reserve a spot will be the November Pack Meeting 11/24
Please bring your reservation form and checks payable to "Pack 184"

Pack 184 Hershey Bears Event
Join Pack 184, Cocoa the Bear, and the rest of the Hershey Bears on Friday, March 27th for the 10th annual scout sleepover event at the Giant Center.
Sleepover scouts will receive a Game Day Admission Ticket, a Giant Center Dinner Meal Voucher, a Hershey Bears Scout Patch, and a parking pass.  Plus post game activities (ice skating) and entertainment (movie).  On Saturday morning enjoy a hot breakfast before departing the Giant Center.
Can’t sleepover?  No Problem!   Please plan to join us and purchase a game only ticket.  
This event sells out fast so we need to have everyones payment by the November Pack Meeting. Please make your payment to Pack 184.